Charity Grants

Every July, for The Abbey's anniversary, we give out thousands of dollars in grants to charitable organizations in Washington state. That's right, the money we raise with your help goes directly back to fund grass roots programs whose focus is to improve and strengthen the GLBTQ community.

Applications for our 2015 grant cycle
are now being accepted!
Click here for detailed information!

Fundraising for our 2015 Granting Fund is still underway! All year long we produce special events to raise money for the fund. We also participate in fundraising opportunities offered by businesses and other organizations in our community, as well as accepting direct donations from individual community members like YOU! if you'd like to donate to our Granting Fund please click the link below.

Every dollar you give to the Sisters is a dollar for your community — help make it stronger!


Walk Safe

In addition to sexual safety, the Sisters want to encourage other types of safety as well.  We want our community to indulge and have fun, but we also want them to get home in one piece so that we’ll see them out again!

This campaign sprung from the recent attention that has been given to bashings and hate crimes in Seattle. At a meeting, one of our Sisters reminded us to pay attention to our surroundings and be careful when we’re walking to our cars or home after being out. Another Sister responded by suggesting the possibility of an awareness campaign for the community about safety.  Two Sisters – Sister Glo and Sister Pure Heart – took the idea and ran with it.  They did a little research and compiled a variety of safety tips and resources, turned it over to Sister Eva to design the packet insert, ordered whistles, and thus the “Walk Safe” packs were born.

In the original run, we produced 1,500 “Walk Safe” packs.  A group of Sisters canvassed the Capitol Hill neighborhood streets and bars on a Saturday night to distribute the packs.  We plan to periodically produce and distribute the packs, so that everyone will remember to “Walk Safe.”.

You can help keep our community safe with your contribution.



Play Fair

In 1982 as San Francisco's health scene had hit crisis levels, registered nurses Sister Florence Nightmare and Sister Roz Erection joined with a team of Sisters and medical professionals to create "Play Fair!", the first safer sex pamphlet to use plain sex-positive language, practical advice and humor to educate people on the responsibility of their sexual health.

We continue the duty of teaching the message that everyone has a responsibility to themselves and their sex partners to stay safe and Play Fair. Our "Condom Saviors" and "Passion Packs" carry supplies and helpful information, all of which are free for the asking.

You can help us purchase the supplies we need. DONATE TODAY!



Walk Safe Play Fair Charity Grants
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